My D7000 Choice

Thom Hogan is out with his D7000 review. I think that he’s right that most pro D300 users probably would not be buying a D7000.

Nikon D7000 Review by Thom Hogan:

“So, no, unless they need a DX backup body I don’t think the average D300 user is going to be interested in the D7000. Really. I mean that.”

However much I liked the D300 ergonomics and image quality, I always found it too big and heavy. The D7000 is smaller and lighter, especially with a small prime on it. I just had my old 20mm f/2.8 repaired by KEH, so I’ve got a really nice light and small kit. Even with the bigger Tamron 17-105mm f/2.8, it’s much more my style than the D300.

The D300 will actually go up for sale on eBay since it still has some value.

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